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Y2 Project 4 | Guild Hall. Kelham Island Cultural Centre

About project

Tutors: Alisdair Russell, Stuart Buckenham

This is the final phase of the Kelham Island Revitalisation Scheme, and completes the creation of an active community in Kelham Island, where the new building acts as a hub creating a site where the community can gather. The building acts as a cultural centre, where the Little Mesters procure an archive of historical metalwork relics in the east wing of the building, where the public can explore a special place where they can experience the history of metal-working. The archive acts as a connection to the world, where people who become interested in the craft can learn more about the craft in the workshop, and can lead people wanting to preserve the craft move on to the foundry where they become apprentices. The cultural centre also contains an auditorium space which is able to open up as a outdoor performance space, where local creatives can showcase their talents, making Kelham Island a community of creatives.