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Y2 Project 3 | Made in Sheffield. The Little Mester's Foundry

About project

Tutors: Alisdair Russell, Stuart Buckenham

The little mesters have now become more skilled in their craft, and need to expand their tooset and resources to respond to more clients. This facility extends from the houses, providing them with a foundry where they can cast iron, as well as carry on with their blacksmithing. They will use the new facilities to create bespoke items, but also work in restoration projects. These projects will then be used to teach apprentices, bringing back the skill of metal-working to the current generation.
The building will also be used for temporary event spaces, giving Kelham Island a place where people can come together in a space that reflects the history of sheffield. The ground floor is opened up for the public through the use of lifts, winches and hooks, which moves platforms allowing for multiple configurations of the space.